Kaiju Demolitions Ltd.

Hello? Is that Kaiju Demolitions Ltd.? I have a job for you. We here at Honda City have err… run into a spot of bother with our finances. But no matter, we have come up with a plan. We have taken out a rather substantial insurance policy against the city. All we need is for you to come and destroy as many of the buildings as possible so we can claim the money. But please, do try to steer clear of people’s houses. Oh, and if you could avoid damaging any of our fine historical landmarks that would be swell. We need those to attract the tourists.

Kaiju Demolitions Ltd. is a print-and-play, flip-and-write game for 1 or more players.

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Cheap as Ships

A bidding game for 2–4 players in which you play spaceship dealers. You will be buying second hand spaceship parts at auction, assembling them into complete ships, and selling them on for a profit. The winner is the dealer with the most profit at the end of three rounds.

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Neptunalia (Codename: Coral Flute)

It’s Neptunalia, King Neptune’s festival, and he’s giving out prizes for the best display of whosits and whatsits. Race against the other merfolk in a real-time digital app powered auction to get first pick of the goods and build up the perfect collection.

This design is an experiment in treating digital apps as board game components: indispensable but not consuming.

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